I’m not really good talking about myself so I’ll go to the point. I was born in Chile, studied and worked as Natural Scientist for years but one day I decided to do something different … like photography. Since then I’ve been traveling a lot between South America, New Zealand and North America and I’m planning to keep doing the same, taking pictures for myself or for others … it’s too much fun to stop!.

If you think the previous text was too short, keep reading to see what other people have to say about myself.

“When I first heard about Pablo from the grommies I assumed that the name ‘Pablo’ was yet another one of their affectionate nicknames. So, you can imagine my surprise when a few weeks later I was introduced to an extremely polite guy who was twice my height and Chilean. He spent the last couple of seasons sharpening his teeth in New Zealand before gallivanting around North America living the dream and blogging up a storm. Pablo’s background as a scientist has left him patient, attentive and exact – it’s these characteristics combined with his passion and determination (and an uncanny ability to get up very early every day) that have helped make him the talented photographer he is.” | Haley Ashby

“I believe Pablo Azocar was destined to be a photographer the moment he was born, I mean how the fuck could you be given a name so dreamy, memorable and perfect for being wrapped in the corner of a magazine page if you didn’t have talent for taking snaps?. He is the mysterious man from Chile that somehow appeared on the New Zealand snow scene. The big friendly giant has an amazing passion for snowboard photography and is keen as mustard to chase the shot, constantly striving to improve the quality of his work. He lives the life of someone who is truly following their dreams and it’s very admirable, having left the well-paid safety of a 9-5 to chase the snow with camera in hand. I can never quite tell what Pablo has been up to, so it’s always interesting catching up. I’ve got a lot of time for Azocar and you should too. I look forward to seeing him impregnate more magazine pages with that infectious name in the future.” | Tim Pierce