VIDEO : Preparativos para el Cirque Du Solei, Santiago, Chile

Preparativos para el Cirque Du Solei en Ciudad Empresarial, Santiago, Chile from Pablo Azocar on Vimeo.

Primera sesión probando la maquina de timelapse … obviamente es más difícil de lo que esperaba, no muy contento con los resultados pero hay que partir en alguna parte.
Mención aparte es el nivel de producción necesaria para el circo, hay muchos equipos de personas trabajando en muchas cosas diferentes al mismo tiempo, un desafío buscar ángulos sin molestar.


VIDEO : BS Tailslide en Plaza Fleming, Re Discover DC, Chile

1 Truco – Plaza Fleming, Rediscover DC Chile from Pablo Azocar on Vimeo.

Primer video de regreso en Santiago, me concentré en 1 solo truco durante la inaguración con los nuevos módulos / arreglos hechos por el programa Rediscover DC Chile. Gracias a Mauricio Rodriguez por tirar el mismo truco muchas veces.


FOTOS : Julygram 2012

Most popular photos from my July feed on Instagram.


FOTOS : Billabong Bro Down 2012 Finals

With a great course, and the sun playing hide and seek all day, it was Final’s day at the 2012 Billabong Bro Down. The Kiwi riders performed really well, scoring spots on the podium in all divisions, including Christy Prior (1st place Women’s) and Stef Zeestraten (1st place Open Men’s). Here are some photos I did for Manual Magazine.


Video: Wanaka and Queenstown Timelapses

Due the lack of snow in the area, I decided to learn a bit about timelapses … and here’s the result of a bit over 1 day/night of shooting and few days editing the 6000+ photos.
To add some extra motivation I had the chance to test the Genie for dolly / panning motion controlled shots. Thanks to Syrp (syrp.co.nz/) for lending me the gear, I did learn a lot from the mistakes I made and now I’m really keen to get out and do some serious stuff.

Wanaka and Queenstown Timelapses from Pablo Azocar on Vimeo.

Debido a la falta de nieve en la zona, decidí a aprender un poco sobre Timelapses … y aquí está el resultado: poco más de un día / noche para tomar las fotos y varios días de edición de la más de 6000 fotos.
Para añadir un poco de motivación extra, tuve la oportunidad de probar el “Genie” para las tomas con movimiento. Gracias a Syrp (syrp.co.nz /) por prestarme el equipo, aprendí mucho de los errores. Ahora si que estoy listo para hacer un ensayo en serio.




Walk around Cerro Concepcion, Valparaiso

Long weekend here in Chile and everybody escaped from Santiago. 2+ million people going somewhere, in my case, to the coast. One late afternoon decided to check what’s new around the most touristic walk around of Valpo, Stairs ups and down, photo, photo, coffee and back to Viña. Impressed with how popular and developed this are is getting, definitely worth it to check out, like Paris but from Southamerica … kind of.


Graffitis at Universidad de Concepcion (on strike)

I’m not going explain too much details, but students of all levels here in Chile are demanding a better education system to the government. As a result of this we’ve seen many parades, strikes and other forms of protest, like this set of paintings/graffitis at the Universidad of Concepcion.


Nevados de Chillan

After arriving to Santiago I did a quick trip to the south. There was plenty of snow there, always cool to spot possible new lines as well.


Santiago Design


Coming not so fresh out of the plane from NZ, landed right into this small design exhibition in Santiago. Some cool stuff, I liked all the wood related work, this stuff should be more often and bigger. Here’s some snaps of the featured designs.