That’s It, That’s All – The Movie

Just coming back from the movie at the Lake Wanaka Centre. I don’t think I have words for it … or maybe yes, I have one: “WOW!” It’s that a word? No idea, but, pfff! that was awesome. The worst thing is don’t know for how we’ll have to wait to see that movie again. The good thing is that … I won a snowboard!!! It’s a Lib Tech Travis Rice 157, the same one that’s is on the gnarliest tricks on the movie, brand new and signed by Travis!. So stoked on that, I couldn’t believe it.


That’s It, That’s All – The Photos

The guys in front and behind the lens. Tim Zimmerman's photos at the Good Room.

And here we are, in Wanaka for the world movie premiere of “That’s It, That’s All“. Before the movie, I went to the photo exhibitiion by Tim Zimmerman at “The Good Room“, simply impressive. Just because I have to keep in mind that I’m a backpacker I did not buy my favourite photo. Maybe later.

In the pics, Travis Rice, the man in front on the lens, and Tim Zimmerman, the man behind the lens, well, not this time and an overview of the exhibition.

Peace, Pablo.