Pole Jam Fest


Mentally spring has arrived but weather wise is not here yet. I went up with Liam, aka. L.P.R. to get some stuff done. We ended up shooting 2 pole related features, in the pic above, the first one, took us like 1 hours to set it up.


The light went flat but that didn’t stop L.P.R. from stomping a sick FS 180 Melon. Hiking back to the next spot.


On the way to spot number 2. L.P.R. doing some dirtboarding. We waited for the sunset to get some cool background … but the clouds rolled in and never happen. Whatever … we’ll be back.


Keep on shooting


After a morning of sorting stuff out for another shoot that I have in mind, made my way up to Snowpark to get some shots. Jay Walsh and Joram Makuru hiking it to hit it. Aaaah, and my board over there with a broken binding, I was a 1 footer all day. Sketchy!!!


And after, while the NZSBU meeting was on, I kept exploring possibilities for other shots that I want.


Rockride at Treble Cone


So after having a nice day off, Dylan and I went up to Treble Cone to shoot this wallride/rockride he spotted few weeks ago.


Here I’m standing on the top of the rock ride we went to shoot. I tried to get some “help” from the  ticket office … nah, not cool enough. But Ski Patrol was super cool and let us finish our shooting. “Just destroy the jump after so no punters can hit it” he said. Hahaha.


Dylan after getting the shot and destroy the take off. Punters proof. Done.


Some freeriding at Ohau


So for a change, Dutchy, Holler and I decided to go up Ohau, few hours from Wanaka. Pretty excited about all the lines we saw driving up.


Out of the car, up the chair and let’s hike. The poor’s man snowmobile.


Yeap!, jealousy … lines, lines, lines.


After hiking, scoping and shooting some stuff with Dutchy, time for a break at the cafe. This is the view from the inside… more lines.


Get – Some – Powder!!!!


Went up to Cardis after a big storm. It was on. By 9:30 everything was tracked and full of people. In the pic, Tim Pierce filming for another NZsnowboard.tv episode. You can check it out here.


So after all the in bound lines were done, Joram and I went into the side country to get some shots. Robett and crew joined for a while.


Few shots in the bag, time for some good old fun. The crew hitting the start of the Boardercross track as a QP. Hahaha, that trainer was so off it!!!!


Winter Games – Big Air


Last event of a freakn’ busy month, the Big Air at Coronet Peak. View from the side of the jump.


This is the not-so-cool part of the game. Not even the people who won medals for New Zealand could get in. Just for “those” special people who don’t even touched the snow.


So after the comp Tim and I rolled by the Red Bull house in Queenstown to catch up with Dave and Caleb. And we found a way better atmosphere than the VIP lounge up Coronet. By the way, on the screen on the back is the new Manual #35. Coming out soon.


And then even more rain on the drive back. A few days of editing coming ahead.