Park City shred …

After a good day of sleding, we went for a shred at Park City ski resort, but things didn’t quite work the way we wanted. Broken boards and a couple of riders down doesn’t really add for a good day. Hope we recover soon from this one.


Sleding … yes!

First day in Park City and we went out sleding, thanks to Brett (Sponsor This?) for the link and Kiki for the sleds. Really fun day with good snow but not the best weather. We built a couple of features and did some runs, had some fun with sleds too, I was lucky to get a few burns at the end of session, made me miss my sled back in NZ, hahaha.


The real Jackson Hole

Second day at Jackson Hole, we finally got to see the real stuff, thanks to Richard for showing us around. It’s amazing all the terrain you can access with the Tram … and the Gondola it’s pretty good too. I’m really keen to come back here and spend some decent time, just waiting for the storm. Now, back on the road, next stop Park City.


Finally at Jackson Hole

First time in Jackson Hole, can’t believe it took me so many years to finally get here. The terrain is really steep, I see myself on a powder day just sending it everywhere. To start, we went to check out the new Stash park, tomorrow we should meet with a local who’ll show us the goodies.


Mini Session at Snowpark

After a few days trapped at home because of the rain, I went up to Snowpark to help out with a new episode of the “Hallway” and one from “Snowdice”. Good fun doing laps and watching the crew stomp some tricks. Can wait for the season to officially start.