Mini Session at Snowpark

After a few days trapped at home because of the rain, I went up to Snowpark to help out with a new episode of the “Hallway” and one from “Snowdice”. Good fun doing laps and watching the crew stomp some tricks. Can wait for the season to officially start.


Bonus session 2 at Cardrona


Everything changes with a sled, freshly groomed jumps and nobody around doesn’t it?. I was packing when I got a txt. “Come up to Cardis now! it’s on!!!” And it was.


JJ, Abby, Will and Joram waiting to drop.


We finished quite late, sun was going down  and the dust was getting in the car. Thanks Crispin!


Keep on shooting


After a morning of sorting stuff out for another shoot that I have in mind, made my way up to Snowpark to get some shots. Jay Walsh and Joram Makuru hiking it to hit it. Aaaah, and my board over there with a broken binding, I was a 1 footer all day. Sketchy!!!


And after, while the NZSBU meeting was on, I kept exploring possibilities for other shots that I want.