One more stop, Wolf Creek

We are slowly starting to feel the effects of being on the road, but we made one more stop before wrapping up the trip, last but not least Wolf Creek Ski Area. It’s a big enough resort with plenty of terrain to hike and this the best part … they get the most snow in CO. Fun day, Bevan and Mitch got into a parallel slalom race and we finished with some hot laps around the resort … good fun indeed.


All the way down to New Mexico

We continued our “running away” from snow trip going further south, into Taos, NM. After a few hours driving trough flats and desert, Taos Ski Valley appears in between the valleys, and what it looks like a not so big resort on the trails maps end up being a place with a lot of terrain and hiking to be done.

And here’s a short clip of Mitch cruising down the park after we finish shooting.


Running away from the snow

Second day at Monarch, we went back to finish some features we left behind the first day, but the windy showed up and made everything a bit more complicated. Decided to go to the next stop then, pack up the car and on the road again. We saw a few random things in random towns, it’s hard to imagine living in some of those places.


On the road again

I spent a few days reorganizing myself (batteries, backups, email, laundry and all that) and even went riding without a backpack. After that I was ready to get on the road again, meet up in Breckenridge with Mitch Brown, Liam Ryan and Bevan Hall to start a new trip. First stop was Monarch Mountain, really cool resort, good terrain to ride and the snow stays in really good conditions thanks to the altitude. I’m really keen to check out the Cat Operation, maybe next year.