World Heli Challenge – Extreme Day

So the day has come, World Heli Challenge Extreme Day was awesome, great venue and weather too. Riders got 1 set up run plus 2 judged runs, media got 1 lift to the top and then everybody had to choose from there. I ended up shooting 80% with the 70-200 mm … what a surprise. Here’s a couple of photos of the first day of comp.


Wind shaping snow

Every time we go out, I wonder what new features the wind has shaped for us. I don’t like been on the wind or what the wind does to the snow, but I have to admit sometimes comes up with some pretty interesting surprises. Anyway, good fun plus at the end watched a sick Snow Dice session at Snow Park.


2010 recap – Video

This is a video made out of random clips taken with the Canon G10, while I wasn’t taking pics. Or maybe I was in front of the camera doing a few turns on a snowboard or a snowmobile, so some of my friends filmed with the G10. Anyway, this is an unofficial summary of my 2010 year, started in Chile, then USA, Chile, New Zealand, Chile, New Zealand and back to Chile. Thanks for the good moments to everybody.

2010 recap made out of Canon G10 clips from Pablo Azocar on Vimeo.


NZ Burton Open 2010, Funday Part 1

I’m finally done with the Burton Open week, so I decided to post a few B shots from what it was. We started the week with the “Funday Monday” … there was so many activities that I have to make more than one post, here’s part 1, includes Breakfast at Joe’s Garage, Jet boating to a bungee jump and then back to Jet boating, and that was all before 12 AM.



After a small storm that left about 20 cms, we couldn’t wait for more a decided to go for a quick mission to “7th Heaven”. We played around there a bit, did a few lines and gained enough confidence to go exploring a bit more into a spot we have seen before but never played around before. Here’s a few pics of the new playground: “Mordor”.