VIDEO : Timelapses en Cobquecura, Buchupureo y alrededores, Chile

Timelapses, Surf y Atardeceres en Cobquecura y alrededores – Chile from Pablo Azocar on Vimeo.

Fin de semana largo y la excusa perfecta para visitar parte de la costa de la 8va Región: aprender más de timelapses, ver atardeceres y surf. Este video es un resumen de eso. Hecho con más de 6000 fotos y mucha paciencia, aun aprendiendo.
It’s was the perfect excuse to visit part of the coast of the south of Chile during the long weekend: learn a bit more about the timelapses, see sunsets and surf. This is a video of exactly that. Done with more than 6000 photos and a lot of patience, I’m still learning.

Valle Nevado Pre season

After I don’t know how long since my last post here we go again. Somehow I got involved in a couple of projects I can’t show publicly yet, but I’ve been busy, helping in a mag, maintaining a website and learning lots about video. These are some shots of one of those projects, I can’t show the final product but soon I’ll do another edit to give an idea of what it was.


Sleding … yes!

First day in Park City and we went out sleding, thanks to Brett (Sponsor This?) for the link and Kiki for the sleds. Really fun day with good snow but not the best weather. We built a couple of features and did some runs, had some fun with sleds too, I was lucky to get a few burns at the end of session, made me miss my sled back in NZ, hahaha.


New website layout

What started as a website update evolved into a mayor overhauling … of course. Move this, change that, ups! doesn’t work and so on … Anyway, I’m almost done, but I still need to update the Portfolio galleries, which I was originally doing. I tweaked this theme to have the look and functionality I wanted … Apart from all the “social-network-ness” added, my favorite changes is the bigger pictures everywhere, from the blog to the porfolio. Hope you like it.