Jazzimodo at “Opera Catedral” – Photos

To kick off the sessions this 2011 I was invited (like many other people) to this mini made-for-tv concert of local band Jazzimodo at Opera-Catedral. They were recording an episode of Compilado Local, so if you wanna watch it, just wait until Friday for the full show.


Flow Tour Finals and Party – Photos

Truth is I wasn’t taking pics for this event, I was working on my video skills with the 7D (you can check the video here), but I did some random snaps plus some pictures at the party for Freestyle Mag by Wet Fly. It was another long session at Mall Sport’s Wavehouse.


World Snowboarding Day … kind of – Photos

I got a call in the morning with an invitation to celebrate the Word Snowboarding Day … what?. Yeap, never heard of before, plus there’s no way we can snowboard in Santiago at this time of the year, but a session at the indoor/outdoor wave at Mall Sport was the way to celebrate. Good fun but I just wanna go snowboarding, now even more. Video coming soon. UPDATE: Check the video here.


Street Dreams By Okfs Crew – Photos

I was lucky enough to sneak an invitation for this private event thanks to Musiksite. The OKFS crew created Street Dreams and they organized a private event with good food, nice drinks, cool music and a live painting that later the people was able to take home. Cool night indeed!.