Sled day

We went snowmobiling today, to hit this jumps already built. As soon as we get there we spotted some Forum‘s riders trucks with no sleds or people on it. Damn it. I mean is good … but it’s bad.

Elijah and Favio fighting for the first hit. We should have a portable skier to guinea pig the speed on the sketchy jumps.

After hitting the jumps, it’s time to choose your line. Nothing to gnarly, just a few big sprays maybe?.

Here is Ian Ruther, amazing photog for those that don’t know. I met him in Chile, he probably don’t remember, hahaha. We ask him about what we wanted to do, because it was sort of close to what they were going to do and he polite said something like “I don’t mind but go away”. Respect for the locals.

My fear was a fact. Pat Moore and Eddie Wall were there, getting some stuff done. We decided to leave and let the professionals do they magic.


Pillow lines

Pillows are fun … and hard … and simple. Just point down and hold, that’s my advice. Wait, wait, wait, what do I know? I don’t know how to snowboard in powder.

Pillow, pillows, pillows.

Having more nose helps too for pillows, Wes Walsh adding a few inches just in case.

At the end of the day we went back to Sierra and it was still snowing. Good day just floating around.