Roundhill Road Trip, Trip Day 2

Second day at Roundhill, we got an even bigger crew, not much snow left but we were really welcome by the Roundhill crew … doesn’t happen to often so good time indeed.


2010 recap – Video

This is a video made out of random clips taken with the Canon G10, while I wasn’t taking pics. Or maybe I was in front of the camera doing a few turns on a snowboard or a snowmobile, so some of my friends filmed with the G10. Anyway, this is an unofficial summary of my 2010 year, started in Chile, then USA, Chile, New Zealand, Chile, New Zealand and back to Chile. Thanks for the good moments to everybody.

2010 recap made out of Canon G10 clips from Pablo Azocar on Vimeo.



After a small storm that left about 20 cms, we couldn’t wait for more a decided to go for a quick mission to “7th Heaven”. We played around there a bit, did a few lines and gained enough confidence to go exploring a bit more into a spot we have seen before but never played around before. Here’s a few pics of the new playground: “Mordor”.