Snowy day at The Canyons

The destiny left us a few more days in Utah, so we went for a ride at The Canyons, it was snowing hard, fun runs trough the park and shot some other stuff as well. Make the most of the conditions for sure, thanks to Jerry and Darren at The Canyons and the crew  for the good effort.

And a quick video of Hamish doing some laps in the park after we finished the planned pics.


Soul shredding

After a day off, we went for a scope around Park City, the snow was good but the visibility wasn’t, perfect day for check out features and … get some riding myself. It was a great day apart from I got a bit lost and somehow arrived in town, all because I was following something like a white ferret with a black tail.

That’s a pretty bold statement … but probably true.

Really fun run out in Jupiter Bowl at Park City … pseudo tree chute.

Yeow!!!! Snowboarding without a backpack. Snowboarding is fun.


Sleding … yes!

First day in Park City and we went out sleding, thanks to Brett (Sponsor This?) for the link and Kiki for the sleds. Really fun day with good snow but not the best weather. We built a couple of features and did some runs, had some fun with sleds too, I was lucky to get a few burns at the end of session, made me miss my sled back in NZ, hahaha.