VIDEO : Timelapse de los Fuegos Artificiales de Valparaíso, Chile para el Año Nuevo.

Fireworks Timelapse for New Years Eve at Valparaiso, Chile from Pablo Azocar on Vimeo.

Nuevamente un video corto, esta vez un timelapse de los fuegos artificiales en Valparaiso para el Año Nuevo 2012, el show más grande de fuegos artificiales de Sudamérica.

Once again a short video, this time some Fireworks Timelapse for New Years Eve at Valparaiso, Chile.
This is the biggest fireworks show in Southamerica.

Y la versión en Youtube:


Walk around Cerro Concepcion, Valparaiso

Long weekend here in Chile and everybody escaped from Santiago. 2+ million people going somewhere, in my case, to the coast. One late afternoon decided to check what’s new around the most touristic walk around of Valpo, Stairs ups and down, photo, photo, coffee and back to Viña. Impressed with how popular and developed this are is getting, definitely worth it to check out, like Paris but from Southamerica … kind of.


Last weekend off

Before going over for a bit of winter, I decided to go to the beach and enjoy the last bit of my summer. Weekend without cameras … but the one on my phone. Bunch of random activities, food eating, long walks on the beach, Whitest Boy Alive concert, parties, pool and more food.